Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hint, Hint

A couple o' new stories in 25 words or fewer. (The title doesn't count.) Taken from Unclear!, a collection of my hint stories, which will be published when I finish the damn thing.

My Only Notes on the Investigation 

After touching the ghost, three of us ended up in the hospital. Jon and Janis, who were married, died.

The Genesis of an Ascetic, or
People Always Ask Me: When Did You Know You Wanted to be a Monk?

Ronnie deftly filleted the bluefish with a dull butter knife. "Order any flesh, fish or otherwise, to cooperate," he said. "And it will."


  1. I like these, but please explain "hint" stories, I've never heard of these.

  2. Hint fiction is defined as a story told in 25 words or fewer, that suggests a larger story. Robert Swartwood does a better job than I could explaining them: And you should get the anthology HINT FICTION: STORIES IN 25 WORDS OR FEWER & take a look at his introductory essay (my story "Civilian" appears in the antho, too). Available at Amazon, B&N, etc. etc.

  3. Thank you. I might have to try some.